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This is a special group of active real estate investors who get together to have dinner, build friendships, do deals together, and support each other in raising the bar for real estate investing in Yellowstone County, Montana. We meet monthly throughout the year. New investors committed to doing a deal within 6 months is welcome to join.

Connect with other emerging and scaling real estate entrepreneurs where we all post things to inspire, encourage, and keep our pulse on what's happening in the ever-changing world of Real Estate. Group members ask and answer questions, share data, and post a day in the life videos and stories from their life in real estate.

Get invitations to our virtual meetups where we get a presentation from an industry expert who opens things up for your and other attendees' questions to be answered! Topics include mindset, marketing, deal underwriting, investing in various property types, accounting, and law.

@AllStarZone is where we post our conversations with industry experts, group members, and enthusiasts. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at our projects in the Playlist: "Tiff & Duane's Project Check."

Contact lists (or your sphere) lead to calls, texts, and visits. That contact leads to follow-up, which converts into appointments, and appointments into sales - closed deals. Download this free tracker and you'll also get a video that walks you through a demo for it.

Deals for Sale

Check out the properties we have for sale. If you want the very best deals, can jump on it within 24 hours, and can close in 72 hours, send us a request to be on our VIP Cash Buyers List. Otherwise, you can subscribe as an AllStar.Zone Investor and get deal updates.

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One or more owners of The Youngren Team are licensed real estate agents in the State of Montana. *The Youngren Team recommends Miranda Youngren and 41 Realty Group and may or may not receive referral compensation, they have no affiliation or employment relationship with The Youngren Team.

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